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SEO: Heading Tags

H1 and H2 Heading Tags

Heading Tags are HTML commands used to highlight the most important parts of a pages content. There are six types of heading tags ranging from H1 to H6. In terms of search engine rankings H1 and H2 tags are most valuable. Their importance is twofold. First, they guide search engine crawlers to the most relevant words on a web page, and secondly, they are used to draw the users attention to particular parts of the content.

Due to the impact heading tags have on both the visitors and search engine rankings it is important to use them appropriately on each web page.

  • Heading tags should be constructed carefully to look attractive, read properly and also contain the important words or phrase appropriate to the page.
  • The H1 tag should only be used once per page and be as near to the beginning of the body content as possible.
  • H2 tags may be used several times within a page as sub headings for your content


H3 to H6 Heading Tags

H3 to H6 heading tags can also be used to style a page but have far less importance (if any) for search engine ranking.

SEO Heading Tags