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Prevent Skype from converting
a phone number

Skype is becoming a very popular communications tool and increasing numbers of computer owners have the software installed.

One of the default Skype features is a browser plugin which scans web pages as they are opened and converts any phone numbers found into it's own special Skype links. From a design perspective this quite often ruins the intended look of a web page.

A work around using CSS can be used to hide the phone number from Skype and allow the page design to be viewed as the designer intended, regardless of wether the Skype plugin is enabled on a users browser or not.

Edit the .html file

Simply insert the following code somewhere in the middle of the phone number within your html file:

<span style="display:none;">_</span>

eg. 01424 <span style="display:none;">_</span> 440674

This will display the phone number as normal in a browser but stop Skype recognising it and converting it to a it's own link style.

Prevent Skype phone number links